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Not everyone on vacation wants to just take in the nightlife and eat at the best restaurants. Many people looking for excitement may want to go rafting down a river, hit the ski slopes, or even climb a mountain! Adventure vacations can be a great way to have fun. But before taking any trip that is going to involve activity that is strenuous (hiking, bicycling, etc) to possibly even dangerous(bungee jumping, mountain climbing, etc), you should make sure to plan ahead in order to have a safe and enjoyable trip. Here are some tips to consider.

Health and Safety

Before departing for any trip that will involve strenuous activity, you should consult your doctor for any medical condition(s) that you have. Also, it is a good idea to do some specific dieting and training for the event before you go. You may want to consult a dietician for food and vitamin/supplement recommendations. For training, joining a gym/fitness club and/or getting a personal trainer can be a great way to get you ready for the activities you have planned.

If traveling to foreign contries, it is important to make sure you are current on your shots and vaccinations, especially when traveling to more remote locations.

Insurance and Medical Issues

It is a good idea to have medical insurance before attempting any adventure vacation. Iit is also a good idea to purchase travelers insurance in your home country to cover you for problems that may arise during your trip (such as unexpected trip cancellation and/or delay(s), loss and damage to baggage, illness, and accidents).

What to Do

There are many great options for advenure vacations - on any continent. Majestic mountains around the world offer great opportunities for hiking or climbing. White water rafting on powerful rapids, downhill skiing on thrilling slopes, bungee jumping off bridges, soraing through the clouds while hangliding or plummenting towards the earth in a pulse pounding freefall during skydiving - the only limits to the adventure are your own!

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