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Antarctica Cruise



Antarctic Cruise

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What makes an Antarctica Cruise so special?

Cruise where few have journeyed, to a glistening white wilderness, floating

through seascapes of ice to shores covered by penguins and other wildlife of this frozen continent. An Antarctic expedition cruise to the "White Continent" is an experience as magical as it is unforgettable. The vast and mysterious Antarctic holds many natural wonders that must be experienced first-hand to truly appreciate, such as the Ross Ice Shelf (the world’s largest body of floating ice), the collapsed but active volcanic area known as Deception Island, and whale watching for the mighty Orcas - just to name a few.

The fantastic birds and mammals seen on this tour of Antarctica, in combination with the spectacular scenery is an incredible experince for all travelers.




Quark Expeditions

Travel Antarctica for a once in a lifetime cruising experience, combining a unique blend of adventure and comfort. View Antarctic penguins, icebergs, and other wonders from Antarctica during this great adventure. We know these waters like no one else. Contact us to expierence the best Antarctic cruise.

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