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Each year, an average of about 20 vessels carrying 50 to 300 passengers go on an Antarctica tour. The ships for these Antarctica cruises are strengthened for ice and sail primarily to the Antarctic Peninsula region. Occasionally, there are voyages to Antarctica by larger passenger ships (up to around 950 tourists), some of which conduct sightseeing-only cruises (without passengers leaving the ship). Another popular way to explore is yacht travel, which gives visitors a more intimate way to experience Antarctica.

Outside the Peninsula region, several expeditions take place each season. Adventurists and sighseers seek out the remote areas of Antarctica for the Dry Valleys, historical locations, Antartic seals and the colonies of Emperor Penguins (which were featured in the documentary "March of the Penguins", shot in Antarctica). Voyages have been made to the Weddell and Ross Sea region and, on occasion, islands of the Indian Ocean of East Antarctica.

Antarctic seasons offers different sightseeing possibilities during an Antarctica vacation. November - Early December (the late Spring and early summer) brings the melting of the ice packs of the winter season. Mammoth Antarctica icebergs and pack ice dot the cool, clean landscape. The Spring brings wildflowers blooming in South Georgia and the Falkland islands. It also brings out the animal inhabitants of Antartica, with the beginning of courting season for the penguins, flocks of seabirds, and fur and elephant seals setting their territory.

Mid-December into January (the Mid-Summer) are usually the warmest months in Antarctica, with plentiful light (with the midnight sun) offering chances for spectacular photos. The warmer weather also causes the ice to melt back, offering more chances for Antarctic exploration.

In the Late Summer (February and March) of Antarctica, the still receding ice allows even more exploration. Whale watching is also at its peak.

An Antarctica trip is mainly concentrated in the Antarctic summer (November to March) at ice-free coastal zones. Tourist ships generally won't travel outside of these months, due to the near permanent darkness and winter pack ice covering over 620 miles around the continent. During this time, temperatures in Antarctica can drop to as low as -90°C (-130°F).

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