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What to Bring on Your Fishing Charter

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Below are some suggested items to bring along when on a charter fishing trip.

  Sun Glasses - Polarized glasses are best to minimize the glare that reflects off the water from the sun. A strap for the glasses is also a good idea, so they don't accidentally fall into the water.

  Sunscreen (high SPF) - For protection against sunburn, since the lake/ocean will intensify the suns glare and can cause you to burn quickly.

  Hat (fishing hat, ball cap, etc) - For the same reasons as above, a hat will offer extra protection against the sun.

  Cooler (for food and beverages) - For when you get hungry/thirsty during the day. Clear any alcoholic beverages with your captain before going out on your charter.

Duffel Bag - Good for carrying an extra shirt, hat, rain gear (in case of bad weather) and other items that you need to bring.

Anti-dizziness pills (such as Dramamine) - Since sea sickness is always a possiblity on a boat, it's a good idea to bring a bottle along on the trip.

  Cash - It's always appreciated to tip the first mate on a charter fishing trip, for the work they put in on your behalf.

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