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Few destinations in the world offer the breathtaking beauty and grandeur of Alaska. Boasting more active glaciers than the rest of the inhabited world combined, the highest mountain peak in North America, stunning whale watching, staggering national parks, and much more - Alaska is geographical marvel that visitors need to experience first-hand to fully understand all this land offers.

Alaska Cruises are one of the most popular ways to take in the visual majesty

of the area. Alaska's Inside Passage is a region of sparkling, pristine water, deep fjords, snow capped mountain tops, and forest covered islands. This passage is the longest protected inland waterway in the world -stretching over 1,000 miles, from Puget Sound in Washington State all the way up to Skagway Alaska. This passage has been carved by glaciers and blanketed with majestic hemlock and spruce. In spring, wildflowers bloom along the passage and visitors can view migrating whales. Autumn is ablaze with colorful fall foliage and bald eagles can be viewed.

Denali National Park offers stunning natural beauty and is home to the majestic Mt McKinley, the highest peak in North America.
This national park is also one of North America's best places to view wildlife. Imposing grizzly bears can be seen foraging throughout the park, along with moose, caribou and sheep. 37 mammal species have been recorded in the park - including fox, wolverine, weasel, lynx, snowshoe hare, beaver, hoary marmot, ground squirrel, red squirrel, porcupine, shrew, and lemming. Birds are also abundant, with 156 species recorded at Denali.

Many thriving and vibrant port cities can be found along Alaska's magnificent shores. Anchorage is a popular, cosmopolitan city that has not lost touch with its wilderness roots. It is a town of distinct visuals and sounds that change with the seasons. Juneau, Alaska's state capital and called by many the most scenic state capital in America, greets visitors with its stunning nautral beauty.

For fishing enthusiasts, Alaska salmon fishing boasts some of the most incredible fishing anywhere! The port city of Ketchikan is the salmon capital of the world. The canneries are busy and the stream running under the rustic bordewalk of Creek Street's is plentiful. Huge runs of Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char, Halibut and many other challenging sport fish is also availble to anglers.

For adventurous types - whether kayaking through a sea of icebergs around the Kenai Fjords National Park coastline or witnessing the breaching of a 40-ton humpback whale in Southeast Alaska - this state is nearly impossible to pass up.

Beautiful and wildly bountiful. Distant, rurally isolated and extremely expensive. Alaska is a traveler’s dilemma. In the end, a visit to Alaska will be worth the expense for an experience that will always be remembered.

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