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Martin Hill Inn

404 Islington St.
Portsmouth, NH 03801
(603) 436-2287

Looking for a romantic spot for my fiancee and I to spend her birthday, I decided to book a room at the Martin Hill Inn. While there were some enjoyable parts of our stay, overall it was somewhat of a disappointment.

The Arrival

We arrived on a weekday afternoon and was greeted by Erika, who was polite and friendly. She showed us to our room, the Nightingale, located in the guest house next door to the main Inn.

The Room

We chose the Nightingale room due to the fact that it had a king size bed - which we both appreciate. The corner room is located on the first floor and was decorated in an oriental style, with flowered wallpaper and shades of mauve throughout. There was much natural light with the many windows throught the room. An antique writing table is available, along with two arm chairs with a small table between them. A large mahogany English armoire sits in the corner of the room. Also, a small flat-screen television is affixed to the wall. The room was clean, but somewhat small. The bathroom was extremely small, with a shower stall but no soaking tub.

Though the room was street level, it was very quiet at night, which we appreciated as we both looked forward to a good night's sleep. Unforunately, two issues kept us from getting that sleep. The first was the fact that a great deal of noise could be heard from the room above us - from foot traffic to water flowing through the pipes. That would have been managable if the bed was comfortable. Which leads us to the other main problem - the bed was not comfortable. Both the bed and the pillows were extremely firm -to the point that we both struggled to get much sleep throughout the night.

The Breakfast

Weary from our night, we made our way to the main Inn the following morning for breakfast. We met our innkeeper, Margo, who was very nice and personable. Coffee, juice and water was available for us to drink. Breakfast started off well, with a very light and tasty mango mousse. The food following that was adequate, but nothing overly interesting or especially memorable - corn meal blueberry pancakes and maple syrup, a sausage patty and some watermelon.

The Conclusion

The Martin Hill Inn had some highlights - but, overall, I had to say that we were somewhat disappointed in our stay there. While servicable, it didn't stand out as a place we would want to go to again.

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